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Dance Course For The Viennese Waltz
Just in case you`re unfamiliar with the world-famous Viennese Waltz, we`d like to give you the chance to polish up your technique.
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"Voices Of God": The Benedictines Of St.Paul's Abbey
At Saint Paul's Abbey in Carinthia Benedictine monks and young musicians have collaborated to produce a unique music experience.
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Viennese Wine Taverns: "Heuriger"
One of the attributes that singles out Vienna is the fact that it is a wine-growing capital! Homegrown wine is served on the outskirts of the city and both the taverns and the surroundings are famous for their quaint ambience.
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They have long since become a beloved Viennese institution and, when the warm weather arrives, they sprout up all over the city: the outdoor cafés and restaurants - known here as the "Schanigärten"!
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Museum Quarter In Vienna
We take a look at the new Museum Quarter in Vienna - one of the largest art complexes in the world.
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House Of Music Vienna - Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Among the many attractions to be found at the House of Music Vienna is a museum devoted to Austria's most renowned orchestra: the Vienna Philharmonic. We tour the museum and take part in some of the musical adventures!
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