Hello Austria - Hello Vienna About the Show


HELLO AUSTRIA - HELLO VIENNA is broadcasted in an impressive number of countries throughout the world (see also the list of Airdates).


HELLO AUSTRIA can be seen twice weekly in the USA via WMBC TV 63 New York (and 53 local cable stations). which broadcasts to over 6.5 million households. Likewise, via DCTV Washington, broadcasting to more than 110,000 households in the nations capital.


TW1, the new Austrian Tourism and Weather Television is broadcasting Hello Austria over Astra 1G satellite using all-digital technology and is also distributed through Austria (1.3 million households) and Germany (1.2 mill. households) and its neighbourgh countries on most cable networks.


An in-flight presentation of HELLO AUSTRIA on board Lauda Air caught the attention of a CETV Hong Kang representant and the transmission of the show began on March 12th, 1995 via the Asian satellite system, broadcasting HELLO AUSTRIA in Mandarin Chinese.

CETV Hong Kong broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to more than 200 million households in China, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Australia, part of India and part of the Middle East. HELLO AUSTRIA is broadcast 4 times on Sundays.


To date over 100 viewers have become HELLO AUSTRIA quiz prize winners and over 50 have won the grand jackpot prize, a free two week trip to Austria.

In 1990 and 1991 HELLO AUSTRIA received awards for "Standard of Excellence" in the category "Tourism Advertisment" within the framework of the "Corporate Video & TV" competition in Stuttgart.


HELLO AUSTRIA viewers are generally over 20 years of age and enterprising. They enjoy travelling and are genuinely interested in the tourist attractions - traditional and otherwise - that Austria has to offer.

HELLO AUSTRIA was conceived to satisfy the demand for information about Austria. Its goal is to provide the viewer with a comprehensive and entertaining variety of topics which underscore Austrian touristic undertakings.


HELLO AUSTRIA has a unique program format with international appeal. The show being presented from the "heart of Europe" has assumed even more significance since Austria has become a member of the European Union. HELLO AUSTRIA is the ideal vehicle for representing Austria within the framework of the European community to international audiences.